Pain in the front of the shoulder after exercise

Do you get pain on your shoulder after doing overhead movements?

Correcting your overhead position is one of the best things you can do to keep your shoulders healthy. Pain in the front of the shoulder after lifting occurs when the shoulder is unable to move in a straight path overhead but instead moves front.

Shoulder injuries are extremely common; like we discussed in our last post, it is not so much of a shoulder problem, but is the result of poor posture and therefore improper movement.

Keeping the bar on a straight overhead path instead of pushing the weight to the front will keep the shoulders from being in pain or injured when doing overhead work.  Improving both mobility in the mid back and stability in the shoulder blade will prevent you from recurrent shoulder pain.

Does it feel right?

Here is one quick drill to teach your body and brain how the movement should feel. This is the first step in improving or correcting anything you want to fix. Learning how it should feel is a must. You do not always have someone watching you do an overhead movement and telling you if you are doing right or not. Therefore we aim to teach you what you should be feeling: