8 tips on How to properly warm up your shoulder before a workout in Lewisville?

8 tips on How to properly warm up your shoulder before a workout in Lewisville?

Mobility and Strength Gains in Lewisville TX

Want to prevent a shoulder injury while getting stronger? Then improve your mobility, correct your posture, and create muscle balance of the shoulder as well as shoulder blade muscles with these easy to follow exercises

Tip #1 Start by doing Arm Circles

PURPOSE: Get blood flow to the structures around the joints.

Nothing worse than starting a shoulder workout without having blood around the joints to protect them from injury, rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common injuries for active people.

Arm circles are a great way to get blood flow to your shoulders before a workout, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lift both arms straight out to your sides like a “T.” Move your arms in small circles for 10-15 seconds clockwise and counterclockwise. Do this 3-4 times, it is normal to feel a light burn but no pain.

Tip #2 Banded “Over and Backs”
PURPOSE: Improve mobility and stability

In addition to getting blood flow, this exercise also establishes proper joint stability through activation of both small muscles (rotator cuff) and large muscles of the shoulder joint.

Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart, arms down at sides slightly wider than shoulder width. Have lax band in hands, palms down; bring band to tension by pulling band apart up and over your head and then down behind your hips, while maintaining elbows extended the entire time.

Tip #3 Push Up Plus
PURPOSE: Strengthen the Serratus Anterior to create better shoulder stability

This is a favorite movement of mine because it strengthens the serratus anterior muscle and prevents the development of shoulder impingement; it also improves posture by counteracting rounded shoulders.

Start in a push up position, lower your chest towards the ground and as you push against the floor and your arms are completely straight push your upper back towards the ceiling.

Tip #4 Banded “Pull Aparts”
PURPOSE: to teach your body to isolate the movement of posterior shoulder

Using the traps and shoulder blade are a common way people miss activating their posterior shoulder which becomes significantly weaker overtime compare to the front and side of the shoulder cap. This leads to imbalances perpetuating internally rotated shoulders and bad posture.

Standing with a neutral spine grab a band with both arms extended straight out in front of you. Pull the band in a “reverse fly motion” opening up the chest, keep the elbows extended. Focus on using the rear deltoid instead of the shoulder blade to pull the band towards your chest.

Tip#5 Use Banded Face Pulls
PURPOSE: Correct internally rotated shoulders posture by addressing weaker muscles

Most lifting programs prescribe a disproportionate amount of exercises for the front shoulder and chest muscles, this exercise helps build the back part of the shoulder it will add muscle size and strength to those muscles and protect the joint from injury by creating better posture. Do these exercises 2-3 times a week add it to chest, shoulder and back workouts.

Set the band at chest level. Using an overhand grip retract your shoulder blades and pull the rope towards your face. Pull the ends of the rope apart and keep the top of your hand facing the ceiling. Hold for a second at the top position and then release slowly (2-3 second count).

Tip #6 Dynamic Hug
PURPOSE: Strengthen your biggest rotator cuff muscle the Subscapularis.

The subscapularis is a commonly injured and rarely addressed muscle. Due to its size it can be partially injured and never be noticed. It heals improperly causing scar tissue around the area and leading to chronic shoulder impingement.

Start by placing the band or pulley below chest level. Facing away from the fulcrum and grabbing on both ends of the band with each hand exaggerate a hug motion almost like a “tackle motion” in a slow controlled movement. You should feel the contraction inside the shoulder blades and not in the chest


Tip #7 Add External and Internal rotation during sets-as active rest
PURPOSE: Warm up and strengthen your rotator cuff

The rotator cuff stabilizes the shoulder joint. You never want to have a weak rotator cuff, when injured simple things as grabbing a light bag, pulling a door, or putting your belt on can be extremely painful.

Dynamic Internal Rotation

Tip #8 Start with a set of lighter weight before doing strength movements.
PURPOSE: Warm up the right muscles before testing their strength.

When it comes to testing limits with strength is better to do a set in a lighter weight first to cue in the muscles for the right movement.

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